Participant Stories

What people are doing

As educators put new ideas into practice within their schools and across their organizations, we would encourage them to share some of the stories of what they are doing, how they are doing it, what unforeseen challenges they encountered and overcame, as well as how their ideas worked out. 

Hopefully by sharing our experiences, we can all grow and learn together.

Poems by Quebec Elementary Cycle 2 (grade 4) students:

Being a Good Digital Citizen

The internet is fun, but I promise to go on safe sites.

I promise not to write anything mean about other people.

I promise to tell an adult if anyone is mean to me on the computer.

I promise to ask permission before I take a photo of someone and explain how I will use it.

I promise not to put bad photos on the internet.

I promise not to put personal stuff about myself on the internet that could spread around the world and last for a long time.

I promise not to take other people’s ideas and pretend they are my own.

I promise not to post inappropriate stuff on Facebook or Twitter.

I promise to be careful!

Peace on the Internet

Being a good digital citizen means not writing inappropriate things on the internet.

Being a good digital citizen means writing respectful messages.

The internet is for everyone to share and make sure that you use appropriate websites.  Wait until you are old enough to use Facebook.

Always be respectful and kind and use technology well.

Technology and Being a Good Digital Citizen

I will respect and follow the rules.

I choose to use pictures that are free to use and share.

I forgive anyone who deletes something by accident.

I model good citizenship.

I include someone who wants to use the technology as well.

I will only do what the teacher says to do.

I am the one who is making good choices.

I accept all of these rules.

What Digital Citizenship Means to Grade 4

A good digital citizen is someone who is careful about what they type on the internet.

It is someone who respects the rules and uses the internet properly.

It is someone who does not write mean messages

It is someone who uses pictures for projects that are free to use or share.

It is someone who always holds the iPad with two hands.

It is someone who never throws technology.

It is someone who closes their iPod or iPad when they are not using it.

A good digital citizen is someone who makes the right choices.